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Santanu Mukherjee (Joy)

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Santanu Mukherjee has been awarded for being among the 100 Most Influential Marketing Technology Leaders at Mar Tech Conference & Awards 2015, Mumbai.

Joining Indus Net Technologies, an innovative IT Service, managed Outsourcing & Internet Strategy Company in 2008 as a Technical Writer, Santanu Mukherjee moved and took over the Digital Marketing department with a small team of 10 members. Not only did he scale up the team to 70 members over the last 7 years, but was also influential in bringing the company some of its most prestigious projects and clients from India as well as abroad. A three-time winner of the annual performance award at Indus Net Technologies, Santanu, as a digital consultant, he currently leads and manages some of the company’s biggest accounts with his work spanning right from pre-sales to closure and delivery.
Past Experience: Starting his career as a copywriter, Santanu Mukherjee took up E-Learning during his initial days and worked on Learning Solutions for Disabled People for a Govt. of West Bengal undertaking company. One of his biggest achievements came in the successful implementation of E-learning System for people affected with Autism (a project from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India).

When not busy devising new ideas and innovating marketing plans, Santanu enjoys writing poems and composing songs. He also collects and owns an enviable and ever-growing database of films and music.


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    Hmmmmm…. GR8….

  3. Onen din por toke net theke kjuje ber korlam . balo lagleo. tor choto choto koto kotha ekdin amar sathe vagavagi kote ninis. spcily gaan. kekmon cholche tor chorcha. r somoy pas> >? phone koris.

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    I will love to hear some poems and songs written and composed by you.

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    What about your food habits? ‘Biriyani’?

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